Born in Louisiana.
Father—Engineer. Mother—Interior Designer.
Backpacked. Played tennis. Played music.
Degrees in Art. Philosophy.

Started with Advertising photography in Texas. Got some breaks.
Bought an old church. Made it a studio.
Bought lots of old cars. Restored and drove them.
Bought lots of old motorcycles. Restored and rode them.

Started Editorial work. Got more breaks.
Like Time Magazine. 35 times!
Traveled a lot. 38 states. 24 countries.

Headed Northwest.
Started teaching.
Working with nonprofits.
Shooting video.

Got more degrees—Education, Journalism.
Got more old motorcycles & more old cars.
But mainly vintage campervans.
Renovated two more 100-year-old properties.

Still backpacking. Still playing tennis. Coaching it, even!
Hanging with my 2nd Great Pyrenees.
Touring around in my apocalypse Sprinter.
Spending as much time as I can at my coast cabin.

Working with Good people!
Breathing deep. Working hard. Feeling grand.