IMMUNE MEDIA is my media production company, which specializes in Advertorial Video and Documentary Shorts.

We often partner with education organizations and government agencies to make media for clients while providing meaningful opportunities for young people to participate in the creative process.


IMMUNE MEDIA.ORG is an online education platform and media network I developed dedicated to the creative and academic pursuits of the digital arts and visual communication.

We design and host online courses, design media arts curriculum, and connect student artists and journalists with professional photographers and video producers. This program has received grants from the NEA and honored with the College Board’s Award for Excellence & Innovation in the Arts.


There are a handful of things I love about Texas, and SANCTUARY is one of ’em.

I bought a 100-year-old church in Uptown Dallas and spent many years converting it to studio spaces, where I and lived and worked before moving to Portland.  I still own the place, which has hosted a diverse range of artists, musicians, and events over the years.  The neighborhood has changed, but the Mary King Memorial Church—once a little country church the end of the old Katy train line—remains as a fixture in what’s now North Oaklawn.